You choose to be with someone. Make the choice to stand side by side and look outwards together.
Face the world. Whether it be romantic or friendship some things just aren't worth being unhappy about.
Easier said than done! It sneaks up and takes over without you even realizing it's happening. Sometimes
You don't want to be there, wherever there is. Take a moment. Take a look. See what's really around,
Who's around. What you're doing, who you're doing it with... All the things you can be doing, will be doing,
Working towards doing. How it just might come together. When it kicks you and you find yourself so stuck,
So sullen, so lost, having someone, anyone, to listen to you and then attempt to set your ass straight again
By telling u how amazing you are, how amazing life is, how a little effort, and a few good meaningful hugs
Just may have a shot with putting u on your way again. No one can do it alone no matter how strong they
Think they are. Action is better than dreams. Dreams are better than motions. So dream and act upon them.
When the dream begins to fade, reflect on the story you've created for, thinking of how you want it to end...