I like boys, I like dancing, I like talking... I can talk over and over again... I can talk about everyone and about everything around...

I like to talk about problems, but more often random shit that doesn't matter, though it still makes me happy.

I love my friends... I love hanging out with them, I like dancing with them, I like being with them...

I am not proud of everything I've done but I will not allow other people to rake me over the coals for my mistakes.
They may as well go to hell now before I put them there. People who don't know me better not get in my way...

I don't care about your feelings, I care about you, so if that involves your feelings, then I guess I care about your feelings.

I listen better then you think I would. I'm fibber, but not ashamed to admit it.

I trust only three people enough to bare my soul. One's ten years older then me, another I've known since elementary school,
the most important goes beyond anything any of you can ever imagine. Sometimes I worry about the state of my soul,
because even I shock myself with my thoughts. But then I shrug it off and do whatever it is I was doing before I had that thought.

I don't believe in violence for violence sake, but I do not shy away from conflict.
I easily get my back up and fluff my feathers. Becoming anything like my parents scares the hell out of me.

I like music. Sometimes it's the only thing that makes my day good.

People I don't understand bother me. I never get why some people can be so naive.

I always choose strawberry over chocolate milk. My favorite restaurant is Kelsey's,
I don't know if it's because of the food or because of the good memories I had two years ago.

Everyday I think about Lisa, it is the one thing that always makes me happy...

I have always admired my older sister. However, recently it's grown from a childhood jealousy into a loving friendship.
She is such an amazing person, the world one day will fall at her feet.

When I picture myself at 40, I see me in my kid's tree house smoking a joint with my best friend
and talking about how good the sex is with our husbands. I laugh at the image, but fully know it'll be real.

I often have images of me dancing with some guy, he's holding me close and I feel safe.
That thought scares me, I never want to rely on anyone ever again.

My friends Stacey and Julia are my saving grace at university.
I owe them so much gratitude for every intangible thing they have given me.

I am so thankful that I do. You can be stuffy and responsible or free spirited and judged. I want the kind of life that goes by on a whim,
But has a stable ground. And want to know that I've done everything I planned. If I dream it, I'll make it real...

When I think about God, I know it's real. When I think about myself I have doubts.

I like pulpy orange juice and red skittle and when it rains it makes me think of a person.
I feel the safest curled up in bed, the most exposed in front of my peers.

I know things happen for a reason, I trust in it. It takes a while to see the meaning, but it never fails.
I have few secrets that I'm not willing to share. My life isn't extraordinary, but it's the only one I've lived. I write too much...

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