It's all about her


Write down the word starting with the last letter of the previous word...



Deep in my heart I know that everything is going to be alright.
Life is full of tragedy and heartbreak but it's also full of wonder and joy.


My new apartment looks out on to a busy street in Hamilton.
Sometimes I stand quietly in the dark, staring out the window. Wondering what will happen.


It's funny how fragile our hearts can be.
Never give your all to someone who is not willing to do the same.


I hate that moment when everything you've been working for
Falls apart and you take two steps back to where it all began.


Sometimes we run into the people we used to be. For a few minutes
It's like you never changed but then you snap back to reality
Questioning the life you know now and why it all played out this way.


Oh. guys... I've just come back at home...
It was awesome, though sometimes I felt as if my whole life was at stake!


It's stupid to listen to Xmas songs when Xmas has already gone. But I love 'em so much!!!


Ask me 3 questions you're interested in, and I'll answer. Then I ask you 3 questions
And you will answer afterwards. Then you will ask me next 3 questions...and...and...
We will make circles round over and over again till we will be ready to drop. Let's go!


Associations... What the previous word or phrase do you associate with?




I'm depressed... It's just one of those things I've gotten used to over the years.
I have my ups and downs... I'm terrified and nervous and everything is moving
Around me too quickly... I hate this feeling... Sometimes I just get to the point
Where I don't feel like eating or smiling or talking or even reading my fav books...


I feel nothing inside, you know when someone betrayed you felt it inside. I feel nothing at all.


Mom has already yelling since early morning. Neighbors began to repair something at midnight.
As a result I woke up while my mom was tapping a mop on the ceiling. I think they took a hint... :D


I have already seen a movie about relationship that is just romantic I realized that I've started
To hold out for that one guy who will make me feel the same way. I guess I'm just an idealist
When it comes to love, I'm holding out in good faith that someday when I will find this guy,
He will send shivers up and down my skin... No words to express what I think I should feel...

That's partly the problem, how do I know that this feeling I think is out there is real?
How do I know I'm not waiting for this guy who will never show up?

It's hard to keep the faith when I have absolutely no idea what I'm thinking and what I want.

It's been engraved in my heart and soul, how can I change the way I think and what I feel about this?

I can't change my way of thinking when it comes to love, how will I find love if I keep pushing away guys
Just because they don't give me this special feeling? It's like never ending cycle of loneliness...


I'm not doing everything right, but I'm not doing everything wrong.
At least I'm not afraid to try and make choices, whether they're good or bad...


If better is possible then good is not enough. This statement has been on my mind lately.
Good is not enough if you can do better. Simple, yet complex all at the same time.
This statement can be applied to everything... The simple mind can be easily led astray...


My dad who taught me that it takes three weeks for anything to become habit.
He always said: "If you wanted to change something you'd have to do it consciously every day..."


Be more concerned with your character than your reputation.
Your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are.

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