It's all about her


There's no doubt in my head that I'll get my shit back together. No doubt at all. It's just going to take longer and then I thought.
I guess I didn't realize how many holes I'd dug for myself. But the first thing they tell you when you find yourself here is stop digging.


I was supposed to take the train home yesterday afternoon. To be honest I wasn't really looking forward to it.
Ever since I admitted to myself and my parents what kind of disorder in my head has been throwing lately I've had no desire to do anything.


If you're going to ask God for strength, then what do you expect when he graces you with a situation to be strong...
Part of the process is looking back and trying to figure out when things went crazy.
Then I finally admitted out loud that I've dealt with this for years. Done a good job at hiding it.
But they say depressions are some of the trickiest illnesses around! I honest to God wish I had dealt with these issues a long time ago.


Although often times I find myself in tears wishing life would just hold on and wait for me to be ok,
I know that this will not break me anymore and the road to recovery is long but I've always enjoyed road trips. ;)


I've started so called 1000 step journey and look forward to the destination. Who will I meet on the way?


I'm strong and fancy and awesome enough to know that I can and will be alright. Ridiculously, abnormally, thankfully, all right.
But for now I'm having a glass of wine and curling up with my mom I am going to watch 'Friends'. ♥


The more often you say thanks, the more often you realize time is better spent making memories for when they're not around.


Life seems to be finding its way back into the depths of my soul. I am no longer anxious, no longer down and stomping on myself.
There are so many things to be grateful for but the number one will always be for the people in my life willing to help. A true blessing.


I'm fully aware, life is a series of events whose purpose are given to us to grow and mature and learn and love and dance and sing and be thankful for.
Because there isn't anything we can't overcome together.
And by together I mean with Him or with others who love because in our darkest times it's always love and self-contemplation that saves our lives...


Getting what could've been the best moment of your life just ripped away from you in seconds due to someone's ego is a sad sad thing.


When your little brother calls you fat cow every chance he gets you apparently form an impression in your head that you are indeed, enormous.


Girls are so thirsty nowadays.
Always wanting what they can't have and trying to wreck people's relationships.


It's a joke it's a game why am I still keeping score I'm in pain I'm ashamed I'm woman.


I just need to know that it's possible two people can stay happy together forever.


Just one of those days when I hate everyone I swear. Today is no better than yesterday was.


Today's the day I start fulfilling one of my dreams. I'm going to start working on my novel...
It'll be good to get all my thoughts and emotions down on paper.


We all have our demons.
The ones we must find a way to defeat before it costs us some of the most important things in our lives.


Sometimes you have to keep things in if your silence means someone else benefits.


After a long day of thinking I've realized that whatever decision I make someone will get hurt
And I'll lose somehow. I don't know if I'm prepared to face that but there's no way to stop it.


Constant up and downs, lost and found.
It truly is a crazy game but man oh man it's awesome and thrilling and oh so everlasting.