It's all about her


The truth is that I don't care. The truth is that I don't want to be anything.
I think I just have no motivation and part of me doesn't really care about anything.


Those people who feel the need to let themselves wallow in things that they can't change.
Those people who wallow in things that they do have control over are stupid.


I wish I had more control over my feelings so I could feel so out of control all the time.

Is "ironic" the right word to use? I'm not sure.

It's so conflicting but it feels so much better than happiness. It's more real, and it fills me up,
Lets me pretend I'm unreal for a little while. I think it's a bad thing to want to feel bad and sad
And all that jazz. It's supposed to be a bad thing, but you don't understand how good it feels...


I woke up and spent most of the day in my room thinking...
Thinking about everything I've done wrong so far, everything I wish I could change.

The more I sat around and thought, the bigger my headache became.

The irony in that is that it's true. You can sit around, feeling sorry for the things you've done
And let the headache grow, or you can get up and fix the things you've messed up
And come to terms with the things that are too late to change. Then you can move on
And create new things to be excited about. It's amazing how quickly the headache will go away.


Something can be so important to you one day, then the next morning you simply wake up
And realize you were wrong... You can be perfectly set in your ways of life,
So clear on what is important to you, then all of a sudden, with no warning, a sort of epiphany hits u.


Others my age have no concept of a limit. Hopefully tomorrow will prove a little more productive...


Be more concerned with your character than your reputation.
Your character is what you really are, while your reputation is merely what others think you are.

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My dad who taught me that it takes three weeks for anything to become habit.
He always said: "If you wanted to change something you'd have to do it consciously every day..."


I guess the line between mildly messed and really messed all has to do with how far your mind
Has to go before that voice...The one coming from the guy, sitting on your left shoulder with,
Says: "Hey, it's not so bad... Give it a rest and come back to reality!"


I'm not doing everything right, but I'm not doing everything wrong.
At least I'm not afraid to try and make choices, whether they're good or bad...


If you aren't happy with the life you're living, then what's the point? Feel sorry, or make it better...


If better is possible then good is not enough. This statement has been on my mind lately.
Good is not enough if you can do better. Simple, yet complex all at the same time.
This statement can be applied to everything... The simple mind can be easily led astray...


Today I can't help smiling. Everything is going wrong but I can still find reasons to smile which lets me know
That I'm going to be alright...And when you can smile even though things are tough, it's the best kind of smile...



I've just realized I'd gone through the life in a happy-go-lucky fashion... As it has turned out,
Those years have gone never to return... There is nothing else left for me to do except just move on!


I feel nothing inside, you know when someone betrayed you felt it inside. I feel nothing at all.


K. lives on the 8th floor of a rather large building. Her big bay window looks out onto
The intersection of two main streets in Brampton and in the distance you can see the 410
With its infinite number of cars moving at over one hundred kilometers an hour. You can imagine
How busy I am when I look out her window. I sat in the dark staring out her window early this morning
Wondering about this past year and the events that had occurred last night... Nothing extraordinary
But still worth making note of... Silently promising myself a better year while wishing the same for others...
I'm lucky to have such a wonderful lady in my life, someone who makes me see things more clearly while
Getting a little drunk and a little high... One life. A million little choices. Make them count!


One of my favorite memories was visiting my aunt & my cousin. We are pretty close to them...
Usually it means playing scrabble, watching jeo and wheel of fortune, a nice dinner and then cards
Until the wee hours of 9 pm. Lately I've noticed the three of us tend to drink a lot together...

This time we cracked out the white wine and then scotch after all. I could sit listening to my grandma
Talking for hrs 'bout the good old days long gone for her and happening right now for me. I listen closely
And make sure to pay attention to what she's teaching. Never waste a moment pretending it's not real!


I feel like everything has just been a joke... Best part is, he doesn't even care about...


Christmas was a bit of a gong show last year. It was the first time that it's felt a bit weird.
A little over rated, and perhaps not appreciated enough by me. Once again my older sister
Managed to spoil me as did my parents. Running on a student's budget I couldn't quite hack it.
I mentioned the idea of drawing names this year and K. pretty much shot it down single handedly.

Poker, food, booze and colorful houses. ♥