It's all about her


Sometimes I go running into the future or get lost in the past. But at this moment, on this day,
I'm quite content quietly strolling into what will be.

I don't know what the future holds, but I know who holds my future.

The power of spiritual strength is way beyond anything this world has to offer.

Knowing what it takes to bring you through life smiling, humbled,
Connected in so many meaningful ways is worth every effort. To be able to laugh
From the deepest of places, and cry with a stranger's pain...that's life. That's living!

No one escapes heartache or struggle, trauma or tragedy. It unites us on levels that
Worldly things should never divide. But the sprouts of love in the hardest of hearts,
The rumbling that takes place in a new believer, the change that heals souls
And conquers any evil, powerful! There is so much to know in this wonderful world.
Nature, structure, beings. But the ultimate beauty always lies within.
Uncovered and dusted off, released from sin and led to shine...

There is nothing like experiencing your own human soul. Connected to a power far greater
Then ours. Connected to a power that works to make us one. Opening the eyes of our hearts
For the first time, to find others' already open, working to open those still shut...

I am not alone. I am on my way. I will get there someday. Happy New Year, guuuuuuys!!!!


Ask me 3 questions you're interested in, and I'll answer. Then I ask you 3 questions
And you will answer afterwards. Then you will ask me next 3 questions...and...and...
We will make circles round over and over again till we will be ready to drop. Let's go!


What is the point of anything if you do not know yourself? For real. What is the point of life
If you cannot sit quietly and know with gentle certainty who you are. I spent a lot of time
Not knowing the power that lives inside of my heart. I spent a lot of time thinking that what
The world thought of me mattered and what people said was automatically true. But then...
I stumbled upon the truth. Then I found what lives inside of me. That what matters most is what
I think of the world. How I treat people. What I think. Rather, how I think. There is a lot in life
That will work to keep you down. There is also a lot of good that can come when we call upon it.
When we appreciate those feelings... When we let them change us. Create us. Improve us....


I don't know the answers, but I know where to go to find them. It's the quiet guest of our soul.

The calm truth that beats when nothing else is making sense. It's the silent tears
That cleanse ourselves when the weight of the world is just too much to bare. It won't break me...


One day, when this life is over, I'm going to thank my father for having brought me thru...
I'm going to sit quietly and know that I tried. That I didn't give up when the world tried
Really hard to make me. I'm going to carry those in my heart who have helped me a long the way,
And pray for those who didn't. No one said it would be easy. It's probably better that it's not...


Character isn't build from easy things. It's usually the opportunity to persevere when it would be
Understandable to quit. To find joy in small things, and make them count.



Mom has already yelling since early morning. Neighbors began to repair something at midnight.
As a result I woke up while my mom was tapping a mop on the ceiling. I think they took a hint... :D


I have already seen a movie about relationship that is just romantic I realized that I've started
To hold out for that one guy who will make me feel the same way. I guess I'm just an idealist
When it comes to love, I'm holding out in good faith that someday when I will find this guy,
He will send shivers up and down my skin... No words to express what I think I should feel...

That's partly the problem, how do I know that this feeling I think is out there is real?
How do I know I'm not waiting for this guy who will never show up?

It's hard to keep the faith when I have absolutely no idea what I'm thinking and what I want.

It's been engraved in my heart and soul, how can I change the way I think and what I feel about this?

I can't change my way of thinking when it comes to love, how will I find love if I keep pushing away guys
Just because they don't give me this special feeling? It's like never ending cycle of loneliness...


It's hard being alone when all of your friends have begun coupling up and when you see their lives moving
And you're just stuck. It's like I see the whole world moving forward and I'm just not moving.


"Don't wait for better because nothing can be better than now".

I'd live by these words, but when you think about it, it seems that's wrong... I mean that
If this guy is a druggie or alcoholic, for example then obviously there is going to be someone better...
Shouldn't I wait for them rather then going out with someone who could potentially hurt me?


Calming my nerves the best way I know how. This night is about to get crazy!


I'm depressed... It's just one of those things I've gotten used to over the years.
I have my ups and downs... I'm terrified and nervous and everything is moving
Around me too quickly... I hate this feeling... Sometimes I just get to the point
Where I don't feel like eating or smiling or talking or even reading my fav books...


For once in my life, it would be nice to have some sort of stability around here.

One part of me says: 'You can't go back, it's too late'.
Another part of me just shrugs and thinks: 'Heeeeey, what's the point?' I dunno...


One day I'm going to touch the sky... One day I will be on my knees in gratitude...


Being beautiful has nothing to do with vanity. It's all about character and grace.

It leaves you vulnerable, but it also makes you strong.


Mom teases Daniel... She said he was born with a silver spoon in his mouth,
Though she grew up in the family of wealthy


Associations... What the previous word or phrase do you associate with?



People feel better about themselves when they put others down. Self-flagellation...
Like a nasty joke... I think I need to stop thinking about all sorts of nonsense...


Things seem to make more sense, stressful situations seem to become less stressful...
In time, you come to understand that this new consciousness is better than before...