It's all about her


My plan for today is do everything that I should have done while I was sick.
I'm still sick but fever's gone so I don't feel weak and tired anymore...


Deep in my heart I know that everything is going to be alright.
Life is full of tragedy and heartbreak but it's also full of wonder and joy.


Something that never fails to amaze me is how quickly things can change.


I have this irrational fear that one day my mind might get full suddenly,
And I won't be able to recollect anything in order to make things better.


I truly believe that every person I meet matters and has something to offer...
No matter how harsh they may seem...
I try to chip away at the beauty the years may bury and the sparkle time tries to take away...


I just spent twenty minutes sitting in the dark looking out my window at the stars.
They're bright tonight, or maybe I just haven't paid attention lately...who knows...


My new apartment looks out on to a busy street in Hamilton.
Sometimes I stand quietly in the dark, staring out the window. Wondering what will happen.




As dark and mysterious it can seem, as simple and warm and wonderous, always changing
Just like the seasons, just like our age. A continuous constant with linear lessons and rollercoaster feelings...
The world is an infinite place. It`s a lot to handle at times. How different my parents are. I look at them for
So much but somewhere along the way I learned to really see. They will never be Mommy and Daddy again,
Never Chris and Diane. With time I began to see that relationships change and grow. Change and lose the allure
Of what used to be. That`s just life. As always, cèst la vie. Although in a lot of ways I think that's bullcrap...


You choose to be with someone. Make the choice to stand side by side and look outwards together.
Face the world. Whether it be romantic or friendship some things just aren't worth being unhappy about.
Easier said than done! It sneaks up and takes over without you even realizing it's happening. Sometimes
You don't want to be there, wherever there is. Take a moment. Take a look. See what's really around,
Who's around. What you're doing, who you're doing it with... All the things you can be doing, will be doing,
Working towards doing. How it just might come together. When it kicks you and you find yourself so stuck,
So sullen, so lost, having someone, anyone, to listen to you and then attempt to set your ass straight again
By telling u how amazing you are, how amazing life is, how a little effort, and a few good meaningful hugs
Just may have a shot with putting u on your way again. No one can do it alone no matter how strong they
Think they are. Action is better than dreams. Dreams are better than motions. So dream and act upon them.
When the dream begins to fade, reflect on the story you've created for, thinking of how you want it to end...


A loving heart is the truest wisdom. A heart that refuses to turn to stone. A heart that is willing to give.
A heart that beats with the faith that one day you will touch the sky and this would have been worth it...

Because it is worth it. We are all worth it..


That moment when your body goes numb and nothing matters except making the pain go away.
Shit gets real after awhile but life goes on. We can't ever lose sight of that. There's no
respect for those who just give up because through every dark night comes a brighter day.


It's funny how fragile our hearts can be.
Never give your all to someone who is not willing to do the same.


Sometimes we run into the people we used to be. For a few minutes
It's like you never changed but then you snap back to reality
Questioning the life you know now and why it all played out this way.


I hate that moment when everything you've been working for
Falls apart and you take two steps back to where it all began.


We all have our demons. The ones we must find a way to defeat
Before it costs us some of the most important things in our lives.


Oh. guys... I've just come back at home...
It was awesome, though sometimes I felt as if my whole life was at stake!


It's stupid to listen to Xmas songs when Xmas has already gone. But I love 'em so much!!!


Is it possible to hate yourself for missing someone so much? Can you hate yourself
For going insane when you're not capable of talking to someone? I'm pissed off that
I have allowed myself to get to the point where it drives me crazy whenever I can't talk...
How do you get so attached to someone? I don't know what just happened.. I flipped...
But most of all mad for not being able to go a certain amount of time without talking...


Currently headed back into downtown. I had a great night at the lake overall,
Probably shouldn't have had so much to drink though. Today should be a chill day...

My parents still make such an effort to maintain the bond we've always had. It's great.
It's something that they've taught me to appreciate. A lot of kids don't spend nearly
Half as much time with their parents like Jake and I do. It's truly a blessing...